mercredi 4 juin 2014

mardi 27 mai 2014

Let the Wookie and Sandra win

Dear Run Disney, I am quite mad at you! You just announced my dream race and put it at Disneyland? Do you know how expensive Disneyland is? I am so sad I think I will cry! If all the glass breaks in your home, it is I unleashing my anger through the Dark Side! 

lundi 19 mai 2014

Let it go...

I know, everyone is tired of this song but hear me out! No, I ain't gonna sing it... I'm talking about letting it go... The hopes of doing my 2nd half marathon in 2 weeks. Yep, this is happening. Let me tell you my story. 

I started my training on time, was on schedule too, then suddenly shit happened.. Yes, shit happens! 

Our spring in Montreal pretty much sucked! It was cold and rainy. I know it shouldn't be an excuse but when you average a 15minute/mile for a half marathon, well running long distances in the rain isn't that fun. 

Then, on May 4th I had this horrendous race on trails when they said it was on roads and the shorts of my previously owned SparkleSkirt went awire and the seams split causing HUGE and PAINFUL chafing. I couldn't even walk properly for almost 5 days even with bandages and ointment. Now this is an excuse why no running was done. 

Then, last week while my chafing was ok, I went for a 7 miles run. I wore my new Wave Riders 17 that my sister had bought me in Florida because there's a 50$ difference in the prices. Thing is I wear a size 8 in those shoes. So to make sure, I went to my local running store and tried the size 8 on and they were HUGE, so I asked if they had altered the sizes. The girl said maybe and that they were indeed too big. So I said to my sister buy me some 7 1/2 because they changed the sizes. So back to last week, here I am all giddy to go out with new Riders. The run is painful and hard. You can imagine my surprise when I see my toes full of blisters! My Riders never did thos before, WTH??? Turns out that kid at the local store made me try on WIDE shoes! No wonder they were huge! So now not only am I stuck with a pair of too small shoes but with two blisters the size of Canada and swollen too! I couldn't wear anything besides flip-flops. So again, no running was done! 

That takes me to today, undertrained, I tried for 10 miles but stopped at 7. Ain't no way I'll show up to that half in 2 weeks undertrained. I might be slow, but I still know when to pull the trigger. So when I arrived home after my run, I made the decision to LET IT GO. They'll be another half in August and this one, I'll try for stupid injuries not to happen. 

Have you ever pulled out of a race because you weren't properly trained?

samedi 19 avril 2014

If I could have 3 wishes as a runner

As a Disney fan, Aladdin is one of my favorite movie along with many others. But this afternoon as I was taping a busted (I don't know how it happened) ankle with KTTape, I imagined I found a magic lamp and a genie would grant me 3 runner wishes.

Here's what I would wish for :

1. Not be so injury prone:

I did figure skating for almost 15 years as a child and teenager, the jumps and falls while growing up pretty much hurt every part of my young body. Today as a 38 years old runner, I feel it more than ever. If for some reason, I modify something, I end up hurt. I need to take care of my body more than everyone else (in my mind) or the others just don't share their aches and pains. So yeah, that would be my first wish.

2. Be faster

Who wouldn't want this? I am a slow runner, I average between 14:30/15:00/mile. The podiatrist I consulted while suffering from Plantar Fascistis said I could never really gain great speed because my ankles have been hurt while I was still growing up. Thus, those ankles don't give back the energy they take when I run. So once again, I'd like to gain not much more speed, only 1 or 1:30 minutes so I could not always be last at almost every local race!

3. Have more confidence in myself

Since I have started running again almost 3 years ago, I gained confidence and strength. But sometimes, while on a long run or contemplating my next half marathon, I would need a boost of confidence to shoo away that little voice of doubt that sometimes gets to me almost every time.

I have much more wishes, but those are just unrealistic! Olaf doesn't exist and I'll never be able to sing Let it go at the top of my lungs on the grass in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom!

Until then, faith, trust and pixie dust,
Sandra xoxo

jeudi 3 avril 2014

My little running skirts addiction!

Lately, running skirts have had more and more popularity. Honestly, in everyday life, I am not a skirt wearer! I am more of
a jeans kinda of girl, but for running: I am more than a skirt wearer! I am an addict! 

I have what some would call thunder tighs, myself I prefer to call them super hero tighs! Years of figure skating did nothing for them and now that I am running... Fuhget about it! :) 

Before discovering the object of my affection skirt wise, I had tried many with shorts that ended up riding and chafing me. Until that glorious day when a Google search gave me that result:

That's when I heard the angels sing! I bought my first one for my first ever 10k back in 2012 and since then I haven't stopped! I now own 13 of these skirts and every race I do is an occasion to buy another one! 
Now, why are these skirts so amazing? 

1.the shorts that do not ride up! 

2.the pockets! There is one 12 inch zippered pocket at the waist and 2 huge pockets on the legs that will hold anything from socks to gels right down to a camera (I can testify to all 3) without falling.

3. The fun prints

4. The sizes: they go up to 3XL (not only made for stick figures) 

And lastly: 

5. The AMAZING customer service! Leah and Tom are the owners and will even call you on your cell phone if need arises (I can testify to that too) 

Still not convinced? Look at these great pictures of me wearing some of my great skirts! 

So there you have it! Next time, I'll post about another one of my cute little addictions! Until then, faith, trust and pixie dust! 
Sandra xoxo

mercredi 2 avril 2014

there is no such thing as a bad run, they say...

As you all know, I'm in training for my 2nd half marathon which will take place in June in Plattsburgh, NY. Last week, according to my Galloway training plan, I was to do a 8 miles run. So, Saturday morning, I dressed up, laced up and went for my run.

At mile 4, I started to be hot because I over dressed for the weather. At mile 5, I took a gel thinking it would help me finish, instead, it made me feel sluggish and I had a hard time finishing my run.

Once I was done, I was quite happy to notice that I wasn't as sore as I was last summer while training for Dumbo Double Dare. I immediately wore my compression sleeves and was able to go shopping in the afternoon... I was very proud of myself. Sunday was another story... I woke up with my lower right calf sore so I went to get my Stick and roll it out. It hurt like hell but kept at it until I felt the muscle loosen...

I didn't run on Monday, I was still sore. Yesterday a short 30 min run was scheduled. As my calf was still stiff I decided to try to wear compression calf sleeves yet again. It was the wrong choice, my legs felt like lead and I couldn't get the right running feeling. So I stopped, took my shoes off and pulled the calf sleeves off! I'm not fast by any means but on a short run of 3km I usually pace at 9min per KM, but yesterday I couldn't even get past 9:30min per KM.... So yeah, it was a crappy run...

So here's the morale of the story, there is not such thing as a bad run, or better yet : bad runs exist for a reason, they help you appreciate the good runs!

Until a good run, faith trust and pixie dust
Sandra xoxo

lundi 31 mars 2014

Get the trucks! we are moving!

I used to have a blog here, and honestly I don't know why I moved to another host... I missed my easy customization so I am back! I am also on Bloglovin! Follow me! I promise to tweet more often!

until then,
faith, trust and pixie dust
Sandra xoxo